Immanuel Lutheran Church’s Renunciation of White Supremacy

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P: Beloved of God, do you renounce white supremacy and all its evil forces?

C: I renounce them. I renounce them. I renounce them!

L1: We renounce the ways of the alt-right and their violent gaslighting

L2: We renounce Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, racism and transphobia, the myriad pillars of white supremacists everywhere

C: I renounce them

L3: We renounce the acolytes of whiteness, the sycophants of sacrilege, the purveyors of anti-Black, anti-Native, anti-Latinx, anti-Arab, anti-people of color narratives.

L4: We renounce the forces of violence and “heritage” that draw you away from the all-encompassing, wildly radical love of God

C: I renounce them

L5: We renounce the anti-God fake news strain of the current U.S. regime and its “both sides are good” whitewashed narrative.

C: I renounce them

L6: We renounce white supremacy and all the forces that defy God?

C: I renounce them. I renounce them. I renounce them!

P: Church, we must renounce these powers and principalities of whiteness. Unabashedly and unashamedly.

C: Or they will consume us.

© Disrupt Worship Project, written by Jason Chesnut, adapted by Priscilla Paris-Austin