Our name 

Immanuel is one of the Bible’s names for Jesus. Immanuel means “God-with-us.” To find out where and how God is with us, we look to see what God is up to in Jesus . . . things like:

– welcoming strangers & outcasts                           – feeding the hungry
– loving & forgiving enemies                                   – protecting the vulnerable
– being good news to the poor                               – healing the sick
– liberating the oppressed                                       – speaking truth to power
– turning the world upside down                            – loving unconditionally
– inviting the lowly to the table                               – restoring relationships
– practicing compassion

Core values in action

When we partner as disciples, these passions lead us to:

–  live out of trust and gratitude rather than fear
–  think critically, live faithfully
–  plant our feet firmly in the Gospel, our arms outstretched to the world
–  concretely love our neighbors (with a food bank, community meal, showers & laundry, residential recovery program)
–  connect to the wider world
–  advocate for those who have no voice as an advocating congregation
–  care for God’s creation
–  be open and affirming as a Reconciling in Christ Congregation publicly welcoming LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) persons of all genders and sexual identities.