We learn how to be disciples through a rhythm of action and reflection. We want to think critically and live faithfully. We seek to know two stories deeply: the biblical story of God’s love for us and the stories of our world.

Our philosophy
When the goal is discipleship, education takes a bit of a different turn. It’s not about pouring information into heads or about “believing 6 impossible things before breakfast.” It’s about being open to what God is up to in the world. It’s about honoring questions and faith journeys. It’s about being a safe place to ask questions. It’s about seeking to be transformed. (see Romans 12:1-21)

–  Sunday Morning Live! is a Faith Formation time for all at 9:00 am (September through May)
–  Sunday Children’s Church during 10:30 am worship (preschool through 5th grade)
–  Midweek Bible Study (daytime and evening)
–  Confirmation for middle school–high school
–  Retreats and workshops
–  Book Group
Check newsletter or bulletin for current schedules

Intergenerational Learning Themes
As part of our commitment to Faith Formation for all ages, every 2nd Sunday of the month, the 9 am hour will be dedicated to sharing our learning across the generations with hands-on engagement and opportunities to build relationship, nurture community.  Previous and upcoming topics include; Liturgical Art, Service Learning, Advent Fair, Making a play about Martin Luther, Campfire Sing-a-Long and more.

AntiRacism Forums

Recent and upcoming adult study topics
Service Learning (Packing School Kits for LWF), AntiRacism Back to Basics, REEL Reformation: films & discussions, Martin Luther and the Reformation (creating a play), The 95 Thesis, The New Reformation of Today, Stewardship in Community, Climate Change, AntiRacism Personal Plans, What is a Posada?,  Music as Spiritual Discipline, Sharing our Stories