art by: Dan Erlander

The Community Life Team leads us in building relationships and nurturing community at Immanuel.  Check out our newsletter to find out about current dates and times for events and opportunities such as:

First Friday
An opportunity to gather on the first Friday of every month for happy hour at a local restaurant just for the pure fun of unstructured conversation, getting acquainted, and building relationships. It’s a great event to bring a friend to.

Dinners for Eight
Groups of eight (or so) that meet together for lunch or dinner for a year, either in homes or at church or a restaurant for the purpose of nurturing relationships – which in our day is a counter-cultural activity.

Special events
Such as Variety Show, Thanksgiving Dinner, summer hikes, bike rides, Christmas Caroling and more.

Our worship space has fabulous acoustics and hosts concerts.

Such as our Women’s and Men’s Retreats and Arts Retreat to Grünewald Guild.