Baptism is a visible word of God’s love for us that invites us into a life-long community of discipleship. We understand baptism as part of our community life together…rather than some kind of “heavenly insurance.”

Learning about baptism
If you are seeking baptism for yourself or a child, the first step is to come to worship and be part of the community. Our understanding of baptism is reflected best in Pastor Daniel Erlander’s book Water Washed and Spirit Born: A Baptism Manual for Youth and Adults. We are always delighted to talk more about baptism with you in person.


Weddings at Immanuel Lutheran Church are a faithful expression of unity and commitment. Members of the community should be in communication with the pastor early in their planning process to plan premarital classes, dates and the order of service.

Things to keep in mind as you consider having your wedding at Immanuel:

  • Immanuel is an Open and Affirming, Reconciling in Christ community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, that aspires to be anti-racist, knowing it is a journey, not a destination, while living into our identity as a sanctuary for all.
  • While we are an ELCA congregation, we are open to hosting weddings for any of our interfaith or ecumenical partner denominations. Those who are not affiliated with the community will want to schedule a meeting with the pastor prior to using this facility.
  • Because weddings are a sacred milestone in a couples life journey together, our ministry at Immanuel is focused on the marriage, not just the event. Thus all couples being married at Immanuel or requesting the pastoral services of Immanuel clergy, are expected to complete premarital classes, at Immanuel or elsewhere.
  • Use of the Immanuel facility is contingent upon calendaring & staff availability. In house personnel have first right of refusal for all services and church events take priority in calendaring.
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church is a historic landmark facility and thus has some facility limitations reflective of this fact. Please be in conversation with Immanuel staff about any accessibility needs.