– Are you hoping to find people to share a deeper walk in faith?
– Are you looking for partners to explore faith questions and journeys?
– Are you hoping to collectively mend relationships and build community at home and around the world?
– Are you seeking a community passionate about God’s love and justice for all of creation?
– Do you wonder if Immanuel might be such a place for you?

Beginning the journey
– worship with the Immanuel community and participate as you choose
– come to “A Taste of Immanuel” (held periodically following worship)

“Taste” will give you the opportunity to find out more about Immanuel and what we’re passionate about. It will be a time for conversation with the pastor and other Immanuel folk, a time to ask questions, and also to meeet others like yourself who are seeking.

We receive members (discipleship partners) twice a year.

For now–please be welcome among us!

And know that we long to receive and be changed by the diverse gifts every new person brings to our community. You are God’s rich blessing to us. For further details, dates and information, contact our church office.