Baptism is a visible word of God’s love for us that invites us into a life-long community of discipleship. We understand baptism as part of our community life together…rather than some kind of “heavenly insurance.”

Learning about baptism
If you are seeking baptism for yourself or a child, the first step is to come to worship and be part of the community. Our understanding of baptism is reflected best in Pastor Daniel Erlander’s book Water Washed and Spirit Born: A Baptism Manual for Youth and Adults. We are always delighted to talk more about baptism with you in person.


At Immanuel it’s all about relationships. We take community seriously. If you’re interested in being part of a faith community and in asking God’s blessing on your marriage or your life-long covenant, we would love to talk to you.  All weddings held in the sanctuary are preceded by premarital counseling.

Marriage equality
Immanuel advocated and worked for marriage equality in Washington State. We are delighted to work with same sex couples who want to be married.

Ceremonies at Immanuel
The first step is to come to Sunday worship at Immanuel so that you can experience worship in our sanctuary and community. After worship, introduce yourselves to the pastor, and let her know you are interested in preparing for marriage. From there, we’ll make an appointment to talk further.

We don’t “rent out” our building for weddings. If that’s what you’re looking for, Immanuel is not your place.
Whatever pathway you choose, blessings on your journey to marriage and life long partnership!